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Eco-Optima is a participant in the SMR & Advanced Reactor 2023 conference


The SMR & Advanced Reactor 2023* conference was held on May 4-5, 2023 in Atlanta (USA). It brings together leading manufacturers from the nuclear industry to discuss the short- and long-term future of nuclear power and share the latest technological, regulatory, and investment steps for SMR.

The main topics at the conference were new research in nuclear energy, recent project development and directions for its expansion, and changes in major policies such as decommissioning and the fast-growing new nuclear market.

The Eco-Optima company was the only representative from Ukraine. It was represented by Taras Fedak, the company's development director. He talked about the company's success in implementing RES, the energy situation in the country, which has worsened due to the war, and the search for sustainable sources of energy production, such as SMR (small modular reactors).

Small modular reactors are the technology of the near future for the use of atomic energy. Power plants with small modular reactors are nuclear plants in principle, but they are very different from the large and highly complex nuclear plants of the 20th century in terms of design, safety, and economics. Plants with a small modular reactor are ten times smaller - they take up less space but still provide a lot of clean, CO2-free electricity regardless of the weather and season.

The company has already taken the first steps for this. Initially, Teploelektroproekt (TEP), which worked on nuclear and thermal power plant projects in India, Bulgaria, Moldova, Finland, Turkey, and other countries, joined the Eco-Optima group of companies in 2022.

November 29, 2022, a memorandum of cooperation was signed with the Estonian company Fermi Energy, which investigates the introduction of new technologies in nuclear energy, in particular, MMR.

Meetings were held with representatives of this company, at which the advantages of reactors of different manufacturers and possible schedules for putting such facilities into operation were discussed.

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