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EcoOptima signed a memorandum on the deployment of a small modular reactor with Fermi Energia (Estonia)


On November 29, 2022, EcoOptima LLC and the Estonian company Fermi Energia signed an agreement to study the possibilities of placing a small modular reactor in Ukraine.

The result of this cooperation is the development of a small modular nuclear reactor on the territory of Western Ukraine.

The companies plan to cooperate in the potential deployment of small modular reactors, including potential in the field of district heating and technical mutual assistance.

General Director of Fermi Energia Kalev Kallemets noted that Ukraine will win the war and it is time to plan actions to restore Ukraine. In particular, the European Council granted Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership. In order to comply with the EU's climate policy, Ukraine must plan to decarbonize its energy sector, including the closure of three coal-fired power plants in Western Ukraine.

"Fermi Energia's know-how helps us accelerate consideration of small modular reactors to ensure supply security and energy independence of Ukraine faster than trying to develop all the know-how alone.

"Nuclear energy is already the cornerstone of Ukraine's energy supply, and Ukraine has great potential for deploying Western small modular reactors for decarbonized, affordable electricity and district heating in parallel with renewable energy sources," said Taras Fedak, Development Director of Eco-Optima"

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